Rikjoy Performing Arts Academy is a place where stars are groomed. Founded in 2018, We’re a community of growing talents guided and managed by experienced and professional artists.

Our primary focus includes training on how to play musical instruments, dance (ballet & hip-hop), sing, and drama.

We provide a platform for our trainees to express themselves in their arts by hosting the yearly Rising Stars Concert & Recital, Christmas Concerts, and participating in external events on invites.

Training doesn’t have to be boring, our students engage in activities that are exciting and intriguing such as games, crafts, sit-outs, visits, etc. They have boosted their self-confidence, grown their talents, and learned self-expression. Our students have formed strong bonds of friendship by playing together, performing onstage, and becoming a part of something bigger than themselves.

Our training programs are for both children and adults. For children, we do weekends during school sessions and weekdays during the second and third term holidays (April & August). For adults, we train on weekday evenings.

Rikjoy Academy currently operates in Eket, Akwa Ibom State. We hope to expand to other cities soon.

Follow us on our social media pages and website to receive updates on our plans.

Godscovenant playing the Violin