Rising Stars

Rising Stars Performing Arts Recital & Concert is a regular event of Rikjoy Academy that provides a platform for our trainees to show their progress.

The maiden edition took place at Villa Marina Hotel in Eket in 2019 and the second and third editions at Royalty Hotel, Eket in July 2021.

For 2023, the event will hold at Royalty Hotel on 30th July. Click here to learn about the upcoming event.

This is great. and qualifies for a national event. Were Nigeria a peaceful country the group would have been able to attract tens of thousands of domestic and international tourists.The entertainment group is living ahead of its years. The pride of Akwa Ibom and Nigeria I salute you all.

PS: Honestly I think the Akwa Ibom State Government should consider incorporating this entertainment team as part of the State’s beautiful Annual Christmas Carol Event.

Prof James Onoh

As I keep reflecting on the Rising Stars performance at this concert, it amazes me how an emerging group of young minds could put this level of show all within their two years of existence. One would only imagine where they will be if every tourist loving person gives them their support, no matter how minimal. It gives me hope that our young generation is not completely without direction.

Elder Emmanuel Udosen